The Psychology Of Influence: My Thoughts On A Talk By Luke Harvard
On a cold dark gloomy December Tuesday eve, all I could think about was my book and my hot water bottle. The last thing on my mind after my last client was travelling all the way to East London to listen to Luke Harvard.
I pushed myself to go to Entrepreneurs in London Meet up and hear Luke speak. It was worth all the effort and more.
There is something endearing hearing a rags to riches story and Luke tells his story well but what struck me was not just his story but his confidence, his presence and his ability to come across as the authority on his subject: The psychology of Influence.
There is no NLP involved, no strategy to learn, just plain common sense from an ordinary man. I am not sure what happened while Luke was talking but my brain and thought process were stimulated and I took a lot out of 3 simple points he made:
  1. Be the Trusted Authority: trust is and always has been paramount in any relationship and community and business. It is more paramount now than ever before in business. In order to be the trusted authority you need to be authentic, transparent, genuine and vulnerable. Make a decision to be the best and communicate it well.
  2. Be a Dynamic Communicator: be highly engaging and communicate your message clearly and confidently. If it is not clear to you and you are not confident, this will come across as you not being the authority or expert to work with. Luke Harvard made us laugh with an important point: be as clear as a 6 year old would understand it; he said he practices on his 5 year old! Clarity is paramount.
    Build rapport, influential people have a great ability to find a common ground and build rapport with their audience/clients. Building rapport is also important online and on your website: make sure you create rapport on your website to reduce bounce rate and have people want to work with you.
  3. Be a Servant Leader: If you come from a place of ‘service and to serve’ in your relationships with clients, you will add value to your clients. Be service driven: be empathic, be able to understand how the client feels and what their needs are. But also be truthful with your clients, at times this can be difficult and it takes courage but it will serve your client well.
To conclude Luke added to influence people is not to persuade them. From this statement it became obvious that to influence someone is a genuine process, which happens while you are being yourself rather than trying to persuade someone to like you!
He encouraged us to be inspirational, for inspiration people are highly attractive. People are more influenced by inspiration than motivation or in my experience people who have initially inspired me, have motivated me to change, think etc.
One can never leave out his last thoughts: be visionary, leaders are visionary and they share their vision and take the authority on their vision.
I leave you with this…what is your vision and how will you share and communicate it?
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