The Importance Of Having Goals And Vision And A Mission
For the entrepreneur, goals, visions and mission are paramount. No business was started without a vision and mission and nothing was achieved without an end goal.
Setting goals, having a vision and understanding your mission for the future of your business creates the start of a vital structure to move your business forward.
It also gives guidance and clarity to your business needs.
Let me separate vision, mission and goal: A vision is a clear picture of what you’d like for your business.
A goal is a step toward that big vision
A mission defines what an organisation is, why it exists, its reason for being.
Tips to get you started:
  1. Set the goal/vision and understand your mission
  2. Make it as precise as possible: dates, names of clients and places etc
  3. Have short term as well as long term goals/vision
  4. Ask whether a 6 year old would understand it, do you understand it?
  5. Is it achievable/ realistic?
  6. What are your obstacles? How will you overcome them?
  7. What will the first step towards achieving your goal/vision be?
  8. Put it on a time line so you can see your achievements
  9. Put them on the wall so you can see them everyday
  10. Write down and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses: use this awareness to achieve your goals! (Do not allow your weaknesses to hold you back: no one can do everything well)

Good luck and Happy New Year!!!
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