Relationship With Money
I emphasise Relationship because it is exactly that. During The Money Blueprint training day with Elliot Kay (Coach with a hat) I realised the way I behave with money is very similar to the way I behave in my intimate and familial relationships.
I realised that like my important relationships money needs the same care and investment. Money is neutral, a mere piece of paper, it is what one project onto it and perceives it to be that causes conflict or a good relationship with it.
I highlighted a few points that really stuck with me:
  1. Nurture and Pay Attention To It: It is important to pay attention and nurture your money ‘partner’. Look after it so you know what it needs to be attained. It will stay close if you look after it.
  2. Make Time For It: As you would with any relationship, making time for a relationship is paramount in it’s growth or survival
  3. Prioritize It: Our priorities create our value system. If you want to place more value on money in your life, you have to make a conscious choice to prioritize it
  4. Celebrate The Good times: When you feel like you’ve made some progress with your money relationship, you must allow yourself the same moment of recognition. Celebrate the influx and try not to think, “ I need more” at that precise moment of celebration.
  5. Keep A Sense of Humor. Money doesn’t have to be serious; in fact, it’s better and more fun when it’s not. This will nurture the relationship
  6. Respect It: Listen to it and pay attention to what it is telling you and never take it for granted. Money will tell you what it needs
  7. Don’t use it to get better your self-esteem: Money is transient and neutral: what we perceive it to be is what it is. Use it in a positive way rather than to gain self-esteem. It is not a healthy way to maintain balanced mental health. It is a pseudo state of ‘happiness’
“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
? C.G. Jung
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