Pesonal Development
It was a classic Facebook banter moment. Someone had put on Facebook that if people are sensitive in business they should ‘get over themselves and get on with business’.
I couldn’t resist and replied ‘I would say recognise your sensitivity, embrace it and make it your strength against all those insensitive business people out there!!! The banter went on and on to someone asking me “ What is personal development to you Pina?”
It was one of those moments where I had to stop and think of an answer that the person asking would understand rather than “it means everything to me, especially being an Entrepreneur”. That just did not seem a sufficient enough answer.
This question got me thinking, ‘what is personal development in a broader sense?’ because it states ‘personal’ it probably means different things for different people. I will focus on personal development of the entrepreneur in business to keep it relevant.
Personal Development is defined in the Oxford Dictionaries Online as: ‘The process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed’.
If an entrepreneur is not proactive in their personal development will it affect their business?
I believe that my businesses success has been due to my ability to look at myself and pull out my resilience in order to think ‘outside the box’ and always be that ‘one step ahead of my competitors’. If I was not able to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and become self aware, I would not have achieved my success. It is important to note that my business ‘failures’ forced me to look at myself on a personal level.

To sum it up entrepreneurs need to have and understand:

  1. Self-regulation: Is like a muscle. It can be depleted, but it can also be exercised and strengthened. Practice self discipline by waking up ten minutes earlier in the morning or saying ‘no’ to procrastination.
  2. Empathy: Is the ability to put yourself on exactly the same page with your customer. When different views cause conflict, empathy allows for integration and reducing tension
  3. Self-awareness: Means that one has a clear understanding of their skills and of their limitations
  4. Confidence: Is self-belief and belief in those around him or her to resist the knocks that will usually come and still pursue their vision
  5. Self-motivation: Speaks for itself
  6. Active listening skills: Being present allows one to truly listen without judgment on what is being said. This will make the client feel heard and give a clear message

Personal development will encourage and nurture all of the above
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