Nigel Risner At Pony Express Speakers Club
Nigel Risner wowed the audience at Pony Express Club last week. It was so good to hear him speak and meet the man behind the book ‘The Impact Code’.

His talk was about ‘How to give a killer speech’. It was full of very clever jokes, interactive and very engaging. Exactly what he was talking about, he demonstrated and did very well.
Nigel also mentioned that we should be calling any feed back ‘feed forward’ as it should give us a teaching to move forward!

10 points I took from his talk:

  • Give as much information to the person introducing you so that when you walk onto the platform/stage you do not have to introduce yourself and it leaves space to immediately interact with the audience.
  • Have a great opening line: engage the audience after you have taken your place on the patform/stage.
  • Do not wear any name tags on stage as the light can cause a reflection and distract the audience
  • Practice, practice, practice your talk and know your timing: through your practice learn your timing so that you finish on time. Nigel practices 100 minutes for every 1 minute on stage and he advises you practice every single day!
  • Be present and be passionate .
  • Your job as a speaker is to get the audience to stay focussed, to entertain them and to keep people present in the room.
  • Reach out to all the personality types in the audience: Dolphins (feelings) Monkey (mischievous fun) Elephant (love information) and Lion (want short sharp points) .
  • Use words like ‘you’ not I’, your talk is for the audience not about you: be of service to the audience.
  • Close the talk with something that will make the audience laugh or think or both: finish with something memorable.
  • Do not forget ‘less is more’ be precise, informative and entertaining using clear language that has meaning to the audience and you.
  • I have just recently joined Pony Express Club and am excited to ‘Falling in Love with Public Speaking…
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