Keep Calm And Slow Down
Should business owners stop entirely when they are ill with a cold or is ok just to ‘slow down’?

I have had the misfortune this week to having picked up a nasty cold virus, which really affected my work.

I was telling a friend that it really slowed me down and I was happy to see the week end as am exhausted. He replied: “ You mean you are now going at 100 miles an hour as opposed to 200!”

This got me thinking…I tell all my clients to self-care and take time out, so why was I not able to stop this week? The truth is that I had 2 very important deadlines that could not be moved and now, unlike in my previous business, I do not have staff to cover me.

So entrepreneurs and business owners, how do we stop when we need to?

  • It is important to be organised at all times in case of an emergency or ill health: my organisational skills definitely saved my business week.
  • Delegate whatever you can from your bed or wherever you are
  • Postpone meetings; most people do understand and empathise with illness and quite frankly do not want your virus!
  • Don’t just slow down…STOP (for a couple of days stop physically); it is amazing what we can achieve in 2014 with smartphones, tablets and laptops, without having to physically move around!
  • Be disciplined; if you are taking the ‘day off’ make sure you have left no loose ends, this will only cause you stress. A day off does not have to mean doing nothing.

It can mean ‘catching up’ with paper work or planning the next 3 months for your business

Experiencing a horrid virus this week, made me feel vulnerable. Being vulnerable meant my defences were down and this allowed me to reflect on where my business is and the direction I want to take my business. I have a clear plan and feel excited. Not bad for a week of feeling really ill!

I also realised that sometimes we cannot stop working and this will have big impact in my work with my clients. Having had employees for years, I had forgotten what a one man business was like!

I could not stop this week but I did manage to slow down, cancelled my meetings on Friday to get on a train to go to the Isle of Wight…now I stop and rest!

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