In praise of business growth
I attended a business growth training this week by Beverley Corson (Engineering Business Growth) and found it very informative, thought provoking and useful. It was thought provoking and challenging. Beverley thanked us all for being there and congratulated us for attending.
Why the congratulations? Because we were taking the time to work on our business and ask ourselves challenging questions regarding business growth. When was the last time you looked at your business and asked some challenging questions about how the business is run?

5 important points I picked up:

  1. There are numerous sections to growing a business, decide where your business is at and note it down: from there you can start strategically planning the next step. NOTE: very important to know the starting point of growth
  2. Think about the possibilities of growth, do not ‘limit’ your thinking. Be realistic but be open to possibilities
  3. There are two critical focal points in business growth: 1. You: Your leadership ability and skills and 2. The overall vision, strategy and plan of business growth
  4. Plan your EXIT strategy: To be more specific EXIT does not just mean leaving the business through a sale, EXIT can mean you keep the business and it is run by staff: this needs very good operational structure
  5. Clean out the ‘spider webs’ in the business: if you cannot see them, ask someone else to have a look: the ‘cleaner’ the business is (by ‘clean’ I mean a good strategy and getting rid of old habits) the smoother and easier the growth will be.
To conclude, do not try doing all yourself, know your weaknesses and strengths and ask, employ or outsource a service or person who will cover your weaknesses before, during and after growth.
Allow your business to be looked at by an expert, consultant or mentor. It can be hard to hear the truth, but without knowing how to change some fundamentals, growth will be a much rougher road!
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