In Praise of beautiful meeting spaces in London
In Praise of beautiful meeting spaces in London I have spent the last year meeting clients all over London and discovering the incredible ‘share work space’ and ‘meeting spaces’ that exists in this great city.

When I started seeing clients I had invested in an office share and paid monthly for this space I was to use once a week. But I think I must have used it eight times in five months as my clients were too far from South West London and wanted to meet more central. I cancelled the room and became a virtual member .

London offers great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. It is a city that truly makes starting a business so easy and simple and most importantly affordable to all!
As a business mentor I travel around London meeting clients in hubs, coffee shops and boardrooms. I smile everyday, knowing I will discover new incredible parts of my city and all it has to offer. On this journey I discovered great workspaces and have discovered fantastic restaurants and café tucked away in parts of London that I never knew existed!

I believe that the environment is a vital ingredient to a meeting going well. It is important to meet a prospective client or an existing client to a beautiful affordable place. Lets not forget that our environment has a profound effect on our moods and that will effect our decision-making and our work. And good first impressions are very favourable..

Here are a few favourites so far:
  1. FREE meeting space (if you can find a table!). Always buzzing and right on the river on Southbank. LOVE this space! If you take yearly very affordable membership, you can enter the private members lounge on the top floor with café and great views on river!
  2. BLOOMSBURY sits just behind Gail’s bakery. Great space, there is a real feeling of professionalism and peace. The entrance is through Gail’s bakery so you can’t go wrong with fantastic coffee and a snack before your meeting. Great to offer your client a good coffee too. WHITECHAPEL has a funky café you walk through to get to Central Working. Serves amazing coffee and lunch, sandwiches. Very cool place. Also in this CW space, the meeting rooms come free to the members! Amazing
  3. Monthly membership, which includes access to the fantastic grounds and café and roof terrace for summer meetings. This monthly membership also includes discounted board meeting rooms and a virtual office. Great working space in South West London right on the river and directly opposite Putney Bridge Tube St.
  4. A bit random but a quiet space to have meetings. Private and quiet and a very relaxed feeling with good views. Not too expensive if you want to take client for a relaxed lunch and impress.
  5. OLD COMPTON STREET, SOHO have a room downstairs that is very quiet as the buzz is all upstairs. Great for privacy and silence and they do fantastic coffee
  6. Last but not least for an impressive meeting place and lunch/dinner/drinks this place is incredible for both yourself and client. The view is out of this world. The vibe is very business and professional. Great for post meeting drinks or lunch meetings
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