How do we view a successful Entrepreneur?
I attended an experiential business seminar on Friday. I left early and did not return for the remainder of the weekend: it was a free 3-day seminar. I left because I knew that it was not for me…anymore.
A year ago I was on a journey in search of a formula to making me a more ‘successful entrepreneur’. I was focussing on a 6 figure income and nothing else. I did not ask myself before I embarked on this journey, what success means to me.

I have noticed that a lot of the formulaic trainings offer a path (at a very high cost) that will lead to ‘apparent’ 6-figure wealth if you apply yourself. Do we need to pay a whopping amount to understand and know this?

So I discovered 2 important points, which I will write about in this blog because my discovery is relevant to today’s view on ‘being a successful entrepreneur’.

I urge you to take 30 seconds and write down what ‘successful’ means to you, then the meaning of ‘being an entrepreneur’ and lastly what it means to you to be ‘a successful entrepreneur’.

The reason I urge you is because these words are emotive and personal. There are reasons why people decide to become business owners. Is it: to make more money, have more free time, be happier, be your own boss?
How do we define being a successful entrepreneur?
Would it be to: have more money, have more free time, be happier, be your own boss?

For me, it has never been about making lots of money. In many ways I fell into being self employed and never looked back. I have worked for myself since 1993. Do I view myself as a successful entrepreneur? Oh Yes, very much so.
The reason? My passion is my son and travelling. I managed to work full time on my business and spend maximum time with my son. We have travelled to many countries and continents together since he was very young. Do I earn 6-figure salary? No. Do I earn enough to permit my desires? Yes.
My view on success is not based on monetary ideals.
It does not mean that this is right or wrong, just my view.

I fully embrace others views on success and fully understand (and get excited) that their ideals are based on making money! After all we live in a ‘money talks’ world so a 6-figure salary is very attractive.

A few tips:

  1. Think about what success means to you.
  2. Think about why you want your own business and (if already have your own business) think about why you started it.
  3. Think about your passions and the things that are most important to you.
  4. Remember that the ‘world monetary wealth’ is owned by 1% of the population so I encourage you to base your view of monetary success realistically.
  5. Discuss your goals and desires with your nearest and dearest, and listen to what they have to say. You will need their support and they will understand your ambitions and drive more. (Useful for when you need to cancel a social arrangement due to staff not turning up etc)
  6. Business success is not just based on the turnover and salary number. Are you happy, satisfied and fulfilled? (A client told me last week that although his business was doing very well, he never sees his sons or has any time for himself. He was not feeling successful)
  7. Set your goals to ‘your success points’ not others. (I walked out of the seminar because my view of success, I now know, are not what the seminar was about)
  8. Remember your business and you are separate, let the business do well while you live well!

I left the seminar with gratitude, I now know and accept that my view on business success has broadened. It does not only base itself on money!
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