Having A Strong Sense Of Identity Or Self
In today’s world, it is all about Branding, how we come across, how the world views our business, services and us, as entrepreneurs.

This leaves me with the question: “If one does not have a strong sense of self or identity, will the brand be affected?”

The ‘brand’ or identity of the business stems from the influence of the business owner behind the brand. If the business owner has a lack of identity, will the brand have this lack too? Also clear concise decisions need to be made sometimes fast regarding the business, if you cannot be sure of your opinion, how will you make these important decisions?

My opinion is that a strong sense of our Self or identity leads to a strong sense of self-belief and that leads to belief in our ideas and product or service. The issue with lacking a strong sense of Self, leaves you vulnerable as your opinion is formed from the ‘outside world’.
Meaning your self-judgement comes from opinions formed by others of you. How can you push your brand forward if you have no internal idea of what you or the brand stands for?

So how do we ensure this strong sense of self?

  1. Personal Development is paramount in knowing who we are and what our needs are.
  2. Get a Mentor who understands emotions, self esteem and your brand
  3. Get out of your comfort zone of always being agreeable: beneath compliance there is sometimes rage
  4. Go see a therapist to explore the root of the lack of identity in order to move forward
  5. Talk about it with trusted friends and ask for support
  6. Understand that your brand is part of you, it is not a separate entity
  7. Invite feedback about your brand with an open heart and mind. Separate the feedback from your personal world.
  8. Part of growing up is forming an identity; allow your brand to mature organically by believing in it, as a good parent believes in a child, in order for the identity to be solid.
  9. Lack of self-identity comes with wearing a ‘mask’ and hiding the ‘true self’ when in public. If this is so, how will you remove the mask of your brand if you are hiding? Remove the mask and show yourself, as well as your brand, to the world.
  10. Remember: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me”? Move forward with these words in mind. Feedback and opinions are positive tools not ‘stop signs’

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice” – Steve Jobs
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