Finding, and holding onto, a great Barista.
I think most coffee shop owners will agree that the most frustrating problem is finding the right Barista with a great personality, who is prepared to clean.

Finding an amazing Barista changed my business and sales rose dramatically. It was like a new energy was being pumped into the business. This not only benefitted my business but also allowed me to rest and take a step back to look at the business and put energy into other parts. .

We became the best coffee shop in the area and since then have been super busy, even though my Barista returned to Australia.

My suggestion is ‘never underestimate the value of a Barista’. In Italy it is a career and that is slowly being understood in the United Kingdom. Customers demand a coffee that is not only of good quality but well made.

A coffee shop specialises in coffee so put in a specialist to make the coffee. It is essential that the Barista be well paid so that you do attract the best and you hold onto them. They are hard to find and hard to keep. A good barista is the best investment you will make in your coffee shop.

The first thing I ask a Barista to do at an interview is to make a cappuccino. An experienced Barista will make a perfect cappuccino at the correct temperature.
I ask these questions at an interview:

How many years of experience do you have with coffee?
What kind of Espresso machines have you worked with?
What Is Your Availability?
Do You Have Three References?
What’s Your Favorite Coffee Drink?
Describe a time when you gave or received great customer service?
What makes you stand apart from the other candidates?
Do you have a working visa or are you part of the EU?

These questions are the most obvious to cover basics, of course they should be changed according to the needs of your business.
Investing in good quality staff will optimise your business!

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