Essential tips on how to Pitch your business/service or product
My client and I are preparing a pitch for potential clients. My question to my client was “ Who are you pitching too?”

In any business the idea that one should ALWAYS know as much as possible about their target clients is paramount.
Once you know your clients’ needs, desires and fears then you can design your pitch around this which can include your desires and passion:

  • I asked my client about the questions asked in his past interviews: We analysed these and realised that all the answers were there. Or rather all the needs of the client in his industry were covered in the interview.
  • Take yourself out and give wholeheartedly to your client, be present and use active listening skills to gather information about your client. This will empower you and your business.
  • The Pitch is about your client wanting to engage and work with you, not just your brand or service…but be aware even though it is about your personality and ability, it is for your client and their needs.
  • The question: Can you meet your clients’ needs? If yes how do you pitch this to them?
    Certainly not by saying it straight out. Use language that is amicable and words that soothe and make the client know, without saying it, that you will take all their problems away and make their business more successful i.e.: increase sales, improve branding and sort out problems.
  • Be yourself, be authentic and have passion for your business, this will come through and the client will feel the same passion. Passion is electrifying and very attractive to potential clients!
  • Keep it short and allow plenty of time for questions. If the subject matter is complex, use interesting slides and props.
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