Connection And Letting Go
I discovered an incredible amount at my best friend’s wedding this weekend. I had the privilege of being asked to be ‘best man’ (I am a woman) and decided to rise to the occasion.
Surprisingly I learnt many important lessons and I would like to highlight two:

Firstly, like most people, I have a fear of public speaking. I stressed about the speech for weeks even though it was 1 minute and 45 seconds long! I wrote it in large print, in different colours so it would be easier to memorise and other very organised bizarre additions. .
What surprised me happened on the morning of the wedding…I realised that this speech was NOT about me. It was a message to my very loved best friend and his beautiful bride. My fear was gone; I was articulate, passionate and honest. .
Everyone laughed and applauded and congratulated me because it was authentic and giving. .
This is how I sell my work and my services to potential clients: with passion, authenticity and giving value to my clients. I take myself out of the equation and focus on the client’s needs and how I can fulfil that need. .

Secondly I was surprised how three days of festivities and very little sleep could make me return to the UK and to a full working day with so much energy. .
So what has kept my energy up? Connecting with great people, having fun and leaving all thoughts of work behind. .
I am very fortunate to love my work but I find it hard to let go of my thoughts about work when I go away. This weekend away nobody asked about my business and my work. Instead we united and formed a bubble of happiness for our friend’s reunion and love. The focus was not on us as individuals but about being part of something bigger. .
When a business owner takes time out it should feel like time out. Do not check your emails, do not answer your phone but most of all have a lot of fun, laugh and connect with people you enjoy! Become part of something more powerful and bigger. This will allow you to switch off and return to work with more energy and mind space to be creative.

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