Business support Group
What is a business support group?
A business support group is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs/business owners who choose to be part of a group, normally up to 12 participants and a facilitator. Meetings are monthly. We meet and discuss business problems, successes and advise each other or just learn.

What are the benefits of a business support group?

  • Less isolated: more part of something
  • Support amongst like minded people
  • Time away from the business to work on the business: no distractions
  • A lot of support: business advice and emotional support
  • Free mentoring and consultancy: collective intelligence of the group will be very beneficial
  • Birds eye view and feed back of the business.
Is group support for everyone?
I have been asked this question many times and I asked myself the same question before I joined a business support group. The answer is within the individual: if you enjoy being part of a group to bounce off ideas and are ready to share and have constructive feedback then yes. If you are more private and prefer working out problems alone or on a one to one, then no, group is not for you.

Is it better to start with one to one mentoring then move to a business support group for on-going support?
This can benefit greatly on so many levels. Firstly you would have done all the intense detailed work with your mentor/coach/consultant, and joining the group would be on going support. You will also be used to sharing problems or successes and be more open to feedback!

How long is the commitment to a business support group?
Depending on the facilitator: a business support group works well when members meet monthly and grow and support each other through the 6 months to a year. I have found this to be the most beneficial for growth and support. This is a closed group.

What is an open or closed group?
An open group is a group where members drop in and out whenever there is a group meeting. A closed group is as discussed above.

Is their a vetting process being allowed to join the group?
Yes all business owners and businesses get vetted. This is ensure good dynamics in the group and/or to create the right group; no competitors in the same industry or area. This is vital to the dynamics of the group

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