After doing a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course with Danny Richman I discovered how much I already knew and more importantly, how vital it was to learn about what I did NOT know.
Google has changed its SEO ‘rules’, I learnt about the changes and how to implement then to maximise my SEO on Google.
A website is like ‘having a retail shop online’. As soon as your website goes live, it is as if you have opened the doors of your shop. So how are customers going to find you on the busiest high street in the world called ‘Google high street’?

The most important points for SEO on Google (for a small business doing their own SEO and social media campaign) were:

  1. It costs nothing but your time: Danny suggested approximately a half-day a week to work on your SEO and that includes writing a blog.
  2. You will also need good written communication skills (or a friend who can help you with this) and the ability to update your own website (my web designer gave me the portal/ passwords to do this). Your website should be controlled by you!
  3. Be extremely observant on how key words are being used online in searches (there are websites that give you this information) e.g.: “laptops” or “Apple Pro book”. The “Apple book Pro” will have searches from people who already know what they want and are probably ready to buy or on the first step to the ‘buying process’. Laptops is more generic and the search may come from curiosity on ‘what is out there’ rather than ‘I want an Apple book Pro’. Keywords searches help potential customers find your website.

    *Be as specific with your wording as possible ONCE you know your target market. The more you niche the bigger your chance of moving up Google pages. Also the more unusual your company name is, the less competition you will have to be on the first page.

  4. Links/back links are at the forefront of what Google is looking for in SEO. A link or back link is ‘what it says on the box’ .It is literally a link from another website of a blog or an interview that has been posted online to your website. Most links will be beneficial but links from sites like BBC, Forbes, and Twitter will be more beneficial in gaining ‘recognition’ from Google in order to help your SEO.
  5. A great way to achieve the above mentioned links is by Blogging. When a blog is engaging and gives good advice and value, it gets shared on Social media sites like Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn. This will help get Google’s attention. BE WARNED: Your blogs must not be written for Google. They should be authentic and full of value. Let your ‘fans’ do the rest!

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After doing a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course with Danny Richman I discovered...

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