5 Steps to creating your elevator pitch: A review of Elliot Kay’s workshop
I attended a workshop by Eliiot Kay on Wednesday on ‘How to create a great elevator pitch’.
Elliot has a very approachable personality and made everyone in the room feel relaxed and guided (which was appreciated).
What I found most useful was gaining more clarity about my business, my ‘audience’ and myself.

We looked at our understanding of an elevator pitch and why it is useful to get your message across in 60-90 seconds.
Elliott stated that an elevator pitch is important to:

  • Build rapport and open relationships
  • Win clients and new business
  • Form partnerships and joint ventures
  • Pitch for investment
  • Become an ionic and global brand.
I see it as the first impression in 60-90 seconds: How will the person you are speaking with remember you?

What I found most useful in the workshop was the 5 steps to creating an elevator pitch:

  • Your title: what are some titles you can use? CEO, founder etc
  • Credibility: why are you the person to listen to? “we are the leaders in..” “as seen on..”
  • What is it you do and how do you do it? Explain what your business does and how it does it
  • Stats and results: give up to date credible statistics and use language like “our research shows…”
  • Call to action: what is it you want people to do? Give you their card? Book in a coffee meeting? At the end you want the listener to take action. This is a very important part of the pitch and in many ways, and for a lot of us in the room the hardest.

Give this a try and see how much clarity emerges. I would even recommend doing this before you print business cards and do a website.
It is a great exercise to get clarity throughout your business and it prepares you well for that ‘once in a lifetime moment’. For me it would be meeting James Caan in an elevator! Who is it for you?
To find out more about Elliot Kay:
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