10 Tips For Start-Ups
  1. Understand your brand and market and ask yourself “Do they match?” It is vital to know if your product or service will sell. You only have a start up when you start trading!
  2. Does your service or product fill a gap in the market or solve a problem?
  3. Leave your ego at the door, remain humble and open to: feedback, advice and change
  4. Read James Caan ‘Start your business in 7 days’ and follow his steps and advice. He knows what he is talking about, the book is spot on
  5. Make sure your personal financial situation is stable: it is advisable not to be in debt (excluding a student loan) when you start your business
  6. Always be honest with yourself regarding how your business is going and be ready to change direction fast
  7. Know when something is not right in your business and have courage to admit it and make it right, even if it means separating from a business partnership, firing someone or ending a relationship with a supplier
  8. Create a strong supportive community around you. Make sure your romantic partner and family have a clear understanding of your business and the time and commitment it needs from you. You will need their support, even if it is as simple as being understanding if you are working longer hours.
  9. Launching a start up is like giving birth to a baby as a single parent (unless you have a business partner). Keep an eye on your ‘baby’ at all times, never neglect it. The first 2 years are important foundation building blocks for the future of your business. Feed it, nurture it and make sure it
  10. Keep your eye on your target and never forget why you started your business. Love it, enjoy it, do not do it for money…do it for the passion!
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