Our programs: Mastermind support monthly meetings
Workshops ‘From idea to start up’
One to One mentoring

So what does this all mean?

Mastermind support group: Up to 10, 8 or 4 of us meet once a month for 4-hour business group session. In these meetings a mentor will ‘teach’ for an hour: the teaching will be on any element of business: sales, marketing, business plan etc. We then move around the room and ‘share’ our business successes and problems in the group. The group then helps celebrate, support and resolve issues raised. It is that simple and hugely beneficial!
All group members will be small business entrepreneurs with a turnover of more than £200 000 per annum. Our quest is to create an environment that will allow you, as a business owner, to optimise yourself and your business through a supportive and informative elite community of entrepreneurs.

What is a mastermind group?
The Mastermind is:

  • Group of people
  • Common interests or goals
  • Dedicated to supporting and learning from each other
  • A safe place to share with others
Benefits Of Mastermind:
  • Different perspectives
  • Board of Advisers
  • Refer Business
  • Collaborate and brainstorm ideas
  • Get to know each other well and benefit from new connections.
Vetting: Every member of the group will go through a vetting process to ensure the success of the group. The group remains ‘closed’ throughout the year, meaning no new members join unless the group requests it. One-day workshops ‘From idea to start up’: In this workshop we explore whether a business ‘idea’ can become a viable business. We work in a group of up to 8 and look at the Business Model Canvas and the character of the Entrepreneur.
By the end of the workshop, you will have a much better idea of whether you would like to take your idea further to a ‘start up’ business.
We would like to advise potentially interested parties not to enroll to this group if they are not comfortable sharing their business ideas as we cannot guarantee confidentiality on a behalf of other parties enrolling in our group sessions. We do however; all sign a confidentiality agreement before we begin any group.

One-to-One Mentoring: We meet once week for two hours on the business for 6 weeks.
Benefits: Your business will develop and grow and you will be guided and supported through the transition of continuous ‘next step’ phases of any business.

Come join our community and become an Optimum Entrepreneur!
To find out more about all our programmes please fill out the ‘contact us’ form, letting us know your enquiry.

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