I attended a business growth training this week by Beverley Corson (Engineering Business Growth) and found it very informative, thought provoking and useful. It was thought provoking and challenging. Beverley thanked us all for being there and ...Read More
I attended an experiential business seminar on Friday. I left early and did not return for the remainder of the weekend: it was a free 3-day seminar. I left because I knew that it was not for me…anymore.
A year ago I was on a journey i...Read More
I attended a networking event last week that advises how to network. We ‘played’ a game in which we were told nothing about how to play and it all seemed a bit tedious after a long day of work!
I did not have that ‘AHA’ moment and ...Read More
What is a business support group?
A business support group is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs/business owners who choose to be part of a group, normally up to 12 participants and a facilitator. Meetings are monthly. We meet and discus...Read More
Should business owners stop entirely when they are ill with a cold or is ok just to ‘slow down’?

I have had the misfortune this week to having picked up a nasty cold virus, which really affected my work.

I was telling a friend t...Read More

My client and I are preparing a pitch for potential clients. My question to my client was “ Who are you pitching too?”

In any business the idea that one should ALWAYS know as much as possible about their target clients is paramount.
...Read More

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