In today’s world, it is all about Branding, how we come across, how the world views our business, services and us, as entrepreneurs.

This leaves me with the question: “If one does not have a strong sense of self or identity, will the ...Read More

It was on the 14th October 2000 that my fiancé died. Today is his birthday and I find myself unable to do much in terms of work. I have a pile mounting up and deadlines for tomorrow so I know it has to be done. I know that I need to crack on wi...Read More
There is a lot of talk about transparency especially in the business world; customers now demand to know where the products come from, who made them or where their food is sourced.

I was having a meeting with a potential joint venture par...Read More

For the entrepreneur, goals, visions and mission are paramount. No business was started without a vision and mission and nothing was achieved without an end goal.
Setting goals, having a vision and understanding your mission for the future ...Read More
Nigel Risner wowed the audience at Pony Express Club last week. It was so good to hear him speak and meet the man behind the book ‘The Impact Code’.

His talk was about ‘How to give a killer speech’. It was full of very clever jok...Read More

I attend (as a mentor) the Meet a Mentor event hosted by Westminster Business Council; At this amazing event there are normally about 6 mentors and 8-10 clients as well as the organisers who are also trusted advis...Read More

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