I met Simon Fordman at the Westminster Business council ‘meet a mentor’ event. I have always respected Simon because he is always honest, concise and gives out priceless advice. His passion for helping others and being open to listening and ...Read More
Pina Patane is the founder of Optimum Entrepreneur. She has been self-employed since 1993, is a serial entrepreneur, and has never looked back. She is a business mentor and advisor. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed and be self-aware....Read More
My entrepreneur of the week is Declan Droney, Business Mentor and founder of Kinvara Organic Smoked Salmon: |

I met Declan in 2001 at the Organic show at Olympia. We were both at a similar jo...Read More

I want to spend the next few weeks writing about the experience of the entrepreneur and their ‘learning’ through interview style questions. My hope is that this will enlighten the emerging entrepreneur to recognise the ups and downs, joy and...Read More
As an experiment I decided to see what would happen if I would not write a blog for 4 weeks.
I wanted to discover how effective blogging is in order to drive people to your website.

The effect was very impactful. Google analytics showed...Read More

Lucy Whittington wowed us with her ‘thing’ thing at Pony Express. She is a warm super energetic woman who “helps people stand out, get noticed, and get unstuck and move forward in a way that's easy, fun and totally authentic.” Lucy Whitt...Read More

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I attend (as a mentor) the Meet a Mentor event hosted by Westminster Business Council; At this amazing event there are...
We are all aware that the Internet has had an enormous impact on advertising and changed the way consumers buy products. Think about how your buying h...
It was on the 14th October 2000 that my fiancé died. Today is his birthday and I find myself unable to do much in terms of work. I have a pile mounti...