Optimum Entrepreneur offers business mentoring and facilitates mastermind groups and workshops. The programmes are based on my many years of business experience and my psychotherapy skills. Through a professional and supportive approach we aim to make all our clients into Optimum Entrepreneurs!

Allow me to ask…
Do you feel alone in your business and alone in sharing the responsibility of the business?
Is it difficult for you to ask for support?
Do you find it hard to share your triumphs and problems in your business because you do not want to burden those around you?
Are you afraid of the ‘unknown’ in self-employment: the unknown income, the unknown new competitors and the unknown personal obstacles of the entrepreneur behind the business?
How heavy is the burden of it being all about you: whether you are well or sick, whether you are skilled enough, strong enough, business savvy enough, competitive enough?
The business relies entirely on you, and your family relies on you and your income.
This can be a few of the burdens that business owners have in common. I know, I am one of them and have been for over a decade.
At Optimum Entrepreneur, we believe that building a business community is paramount in today’s world. There is no need to ‘go it alone’ anymore!
We help and support entrepreneurs achieve their dream of becoming successful business owners.
Our mastermind groups, one to one mentoring and workshops are designed for tangible results and accountability.
Our passion is to help small businesses succeed!

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