Thanks for checking out my website and welcome to ‘about me’. ?I'm Pina Patane. I work alongside entrepreneurs to help develop their growing business and create space to work on their business away from their business.

My background includes over thirteen years combined experience within the import, entertainment, coffee shop and psychotherapy sector. This provides a solid foundation in sales, customer insight and the entrepreneur’s wellbeing while running their business. As well as working on the practicalities of business growth my work with entrepreneurs also focuses on who they are as people, their strengths and weaknesses and the psychological drivers.

So, what can I do for you? ?As a fellow business owner, I can appreciate the time frustrations that come with balancing your personal and business life. I will work alongside you so that you can learn to leverage your time in order to take more control and have a life outside the business.

Together we can have a bird’s eye view of your business in order to have an objective view. This facilitates clarity and an ability to see potential potholes not seen before.

Working together you can gain support, guidance and advice from someone who has ‘walked the walk’ and fallen into many potholes! But. I came out of them resulting in my business becoming stronger. I believe a mistake is a learning experience not a failure.

I am empathic and have great listening skills and am passionate about seeing a client succeed. I will take you and myself to the limit. If you join me: be ready to work hard and win!

Work with me: ?I am glad that you are reading this page. This means you are ready to take that next step and make some big changes in your business.

It's important to understand that like any successful relationship we have to be a good match. So..if you are passionate and willing to take action, then we will work very well together! Our relationship obviously works two ways... If you can cope with me being quite hard at times and holding you accountable then we can move forward. Please note: I work with serious and highly motivated entrepreneurs ONLY.

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